Zoya Gigi

Today's mani is Zoya Gigi- described by the company on their website as "Light baby pink with pink duochrome shimmer and lots of twinkling silver microglitter. The ultimate girly pink shade with just enough sparkle." They say it better than I can, because, hey- they get paid to come up with this stuff. ;)

She's very pretty, but I'm sort of on the fence about her. The application was a little streaky. I used four coats of polish here to even her up, but still have some visible nail line. VNL doesn't bother me (sometimes a girl just wants a sheer polish), but I know for some people that's a deal breaker. I do like this shade of pink, and love that it's glittery but not overwhelming. From far away you might think, "Oh, pretty pink," but upclose you think "Hello, little silver sparkle!" Pretty, but not destined to be a favorite.

We had a death in my family this week, so I really wanted to wear something that would cheer me up to look at, but was still subtle and appropriate, so Gigi it is.

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