Oh Mickey, you're so fine!

You're so fine you blow my mind!
-Random fact, not only is this song awesome, but in the video Toni Basil is wearing a cheerleader uniform with the letters LVH on it, which happen to be my initials! I love it!-

Anyway, I'm going to Walt Disney World in June. It'll be my 10th trip which is a big milestone. Anyway, it's getting close, and I'm getting pumped. I wanted to practice my Mickey dotting skills before the trip!

For this look, the base is Pure Ice "Creme Siren." Then I used two strips of scotch tape to create a white triangle on the tip of my nails. (It looked super cute at this stage as well, but forgot to take a picture. Will be doing this again soon.) The white polish is Sally Hansen 10-day in "White Tip."  Then I used my dotting tool to make a Mickey head using Ulta "Little Black Dress" at the point of the white triangle. I made all the big dots first, then added the smaller ear dots after.

Out of focus, sorry. It's hard to take detail shots one-handed!

Can't wait to see my pal again!


TrixDemon said...

In the first pic, I kinda thought they were pokeballs.. which is still awesome!
Loving the 'mini' Mickey Mouse logos! You must have such a steady hand!

Lindsay H. said...

Pokeballs! Lol. My cousin would love that. I think it looks that way because my nails are so short. This would have looked a lot better if I hadn't broken them.