Ahoy Matey's!

That's right. Along with almost every other nail blog out there, today's topic is OPI's Pirates of the Caribbean line.

Before I get to todays manicure, I just have to say. I don't get this line. The colors are all pastels. Where are the jewel tones? The pirates booty? Gold, Ruby, Emerald, Sapphire? I just thought it would be more bold! So I only partook in one of the polishes from this line... the very pirate-y...

SILVER SHATTER! Oh yeah! I was not getting my hopes up to actually find this polish on the first try, but I did! I also found the pink China Glaze crackle I've been wanting and haven't been able to find anywhere. Major score!

So here's my Silver Shatter mani. I used OPI Russian Navy for the base, and then the Silver Shatter on top. I found that the Silver Shatter is a lot thinner than the Black Shatter, so I was applying too much, and it wasn't crackling right. So it took several tries to get this right.

I like it a lot! I'm so glad this beauty is part of my collection!

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