There are only a few days left to enter my giveaway! I hope you all have a fun and safe Fourth of July weekend!

Don't let this one Get Away

Today's mani is OPI "The One That Got Away." I didn't actually get around to taking pictures of it right away, so you'll have to excuse the tipwear, since this is now 3 days old. It's a gorgeous pinky purpley sparkle polish. It sparkles a TON in the bottle, but not all of it translates to the nail. It's an awesome color, sparkle or not, so I'm still happy with it.

On my toes is OPI "My Kind of Brown" which is actually not brown at all. I'd call it a brick or burnished red.


What's in your purse?

I was tagged by Amber at Rainbows&Sparkles to participate in this little experiment to see what everybody's got in their purses. I'm kind of late on this and a lot of my blogging friends have already done this, so instead of tagging people, if anybody hasn't done this yet and wants to... I tag you! So... here we go...
My purse.

Contents listed below.
Wallet, Ulta coupon, various recipts, Gigi's cupcakes club card, Eclipse gum, Barbie notepad, daily planner that I hardly use, 2 pens, a one serving packet of Nutella my mom brought back for me from France, Bath and Body Works hand sanitizer- Strawberry Cupcake scent, 4 wetnaps, 2 AA batteries for my camera, a crappy mini nail file (need a new one), B&BW roll on perfume- Spearmint Eucalyptus scent, 2 tampons, Nivea Kiss of Moisture chapstick, contact rewetting drops, mini thing of floss, Burt's Bee's Lemon Butter cuticle cream, and TokyoMilk lip balm- Sweet Creme flavor. (My phone and keys are also in there when I'm out and about.)

~Where did you get your purse, and how long have you had it? I got my purse secondhand from an online friend. I've had it about a year and half. I love it, but I'm sort of itching for a new one too.

~What are 3 must-haves in your purse?(Not including keys and wallet) Phone, chapstick, and BBs cuticle cream!

~What is something you should have in your purse right now, but don't? Sunglasses. I carry them half the time, and then half the time I get annoyed that they are taking up space and fling them out.

~What is the thing you have the most of in your purse right now? Wetnaps. Lol. Must have grabbed a bunch last time I was at a chicken wing place.

It Ain't Called Butter For Nothin'

I have a new love and it goes by the name of Butter London. I'd been wanting to try this brand, after hearing so many great things about it. I think the range of colors that they have is very wide and unique and they have a pretty good selection at my local Ulta, so I splurged and picked up Victoriana. I really liked the color, don't have anything else like it, plus my middle name is Victoria, so it was perfect for my first choice!

I gotta tell ya, there's no question how they chose the name of this brand. It went on so nicely- very smooth, and even in just one coat. My nails feel like glass and look even better! :)

Here's a picture of their super cute bottles. Ever get annoyed by those hard to hold square lids? I do! (I'm looking at you- Ulta Professionals...) The Butter London bottle's square lid is just for looks. To open it, you pull the square part off and there is a nice easy to handle normal brush lid underneath!

Anyway, here's the good stuff... my mani. Perfect for my friend's bachlorette party tomorrow I think.


A Blog Award!

I got an award from Neeka at In The Life of a MILF. Thanks Neeka!

1) Favourite color: Purple currently, but it's hard to say no to long time favorite, Pink.

2) Favorite Animal: Alligators and Beluga Whales. Just don't put them together. Lol.

3) Favourite number: 22.

4) What perfume am i using right now: I don't wear perfume often but when I do I wear Tokyo Milk Gin and Rosewater.

5) Something you always wear with you and identifies you: My grandmother's ruby ring (featured in a lot of my photos) and my Waxing Poetic necklace that I posted about here.

6) What's your passion?: My family. Current and the family of my own that I hope to have one day.

7) Getting or giving presents?: Both. I think I get just as excited about picking out the perfect thing for people and seeing their reaction as I do when I have my own present to open.

8) What was the last eyeshadow you used?: Rimmel London Stir it Up eyeshadow in "Wassup?" My sister got it for me for Christmas. :)

9) Favourite day of the week: I've always been weird and really liked Monday's because they always seem like a fresh start. Tuesday is when it hits me how long the week really is. Lol.

10) Are your nails painted right now?: Duh. I haven't had naked nails since I started this blog!

I'm passing this award on to:
1. Nails and Nonsense from a Brit. (Sorry, your first name is escaping me at the moment.)
2. Destany at Confessions of a Sarcastic Mom.
3. Jenn at Painted Pixies.
4. Patricia and Anne at Southern Sister Polish.
5. Renee, Erika, and Julie at A Polished Life.


SC Green Ocean

I got my first flakie polish in the mail today, Sinful Colors Green Ocean, so naturally I had to put it on right away. I put Green Ocean over 3 coats of Essie No Pre-Nup. It looks like a gorgeous frothy pinky sparkly bubble bath of goodness! (I should probably look into trademarking that phrase, shouldn't I? Lol.) Not sure if my pictures captured that, since it mainly pulled the glitter and not really the whole effect of the pink and opalescent green glitter together.

I also did a pedi with Zoya Sweet. If you are looking for a true, bright bubblegum pink, this is it!
Please excuse the flip-flop tanline. It's a souvineer from Disney.


Happy Father's Day!

My Father's Day got a little out of hand. It involved running all over Houston, a last minute gift, a very serious injury to a dog, moving furniture, running over some mattresses with a car, a yummy dinner, and getting home a bit too late and a bit too tired to bother with my nails even though they are chipped. So instead of nails, here's a picture of me and my dad. It's quite a few years old, but it's one of my absolute favorites!


Zoya Stacy with glitter

For today's mani, I wanted to try 2 newish polishes that I haven't gotten to use yet. Zoya Stacy and Ulta Pinata Yada Yada. My pictures didn't capture any of the silver sparkle in PYY unfortunately. I think this will be really pretty in sunlight, but I did this tonight so I'll let you know how it looks tomorrow! I really like this combo. Stacy is a goreous maroon color, the exact color of the ruby in my ring! I thought that PYY would be a bit garish on me, but I love it. I especially love how the glitters in it are different sizes. I don't currently have any others in my collection like that. Anyway, here are the photos. I left my bottles downstairs, so I didn't get pictures of them yet. Maybe I'll add them in tomorrow.


My First Giveaway!

Welcome Sixers! It's time for my first giveaway! The theme I came up with for this giveaway is monochromatic. Three lucky winners will win five polishes in one color palate AND a cute drawstring bag with their name on it! This giveaway is open from NOW til July 4th, 2011 at 11:59 PM, central. You must be a follower of my blog to enter (feel free to follow now!) and have filled out the form below completely and honestly. I'll be contacting the winners via email before I announce them on my blog. Good luck to everybody!

And now the prizes:

Pink Lot: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Hot Magenta, Cosmetic Arts in a light pink shade (appears to have a little shimmer in the bottle), Sinful Colors in Pinky Glitter, Ulta in Princess, Nic's Sticks in Cram for an Exam, AND your personalized drawstring bag (see example below.)

Blue Lot: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Blue it, Cosmetic Arts in a dusty blue color, Sinful Colors in Hottie, Ulta in Moody Blues, Nic's Sticks in Baby Go Bye, Bye, AND your personalized drawstring bag (see example below.)

Purple Lot: Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear in Virtual Violet, Cosmetic Arts in a shiny purple shade (very shiny in the bottle), Sinful Colors in Frenzy, Ulta in Tutu Cute, Nic's Sticks in I'm on a Deadline, AND your personalized drawstring bag (see example below.)

Drawstring bag example: This one is mine and is sort of old, so ignore that it isn't pristine. I use mine all the time for holding makeup, contact stuff, hair thingies and such especially when travelling.



Glitter dots

Today I wanted to try out a new polish I got, Rimmel Sunset Orange. I honestly don't think of this polish as being orange, it's very coral to me, but whatever. It's bright, summery, and fun! I love Rimmel's brush, it's really wide and flat. I can cover my pinkies edge to edge in just one stroke. I plan on picking up more of their polishes in the future!

If I had one critique of the Rimmel polishes, is that they need some glitter or shimmer or something! So, I added some dots of Zoya Rica on top of my Sunset Orange. A little glitter goes a long way! Remember to click to enlarge!

Also, I now have 50 followers! Yay! I'll be posting my giveaway tomorrow, so make sure you stop by and send your friends! :)


Back to Regular Life

I'm back from Disney. We had a great time. I'm so exhausted though. Anyway, while I was in Disney, I picked up a bottle of Mermaid's Tears from OPI's POTC line. I'd been wanting it very badly, and I was so glad it was so easy to pick up there, since it had been sold out locally before I left. Only a true nail polish fan would go to Orlando just to get a Disney polish right? :)

For my first mani back home, I chose Essie Sew Psyched. This is a polish I've wanted for a long time, but kept putting it down for one reason or another. Most people aren't a fan of this color in the bottle, but I did get some compliments on it while I was wearing it. I love it anyway regardless of what people think.

Then, when it got a few days old, I decided to Konad over it. I wanted a tone on tone type thing, so Mermaid's Tears ended up being perfect. Before I stamped, I put a layer of Orly Love Each Other, which is an opalescent shimmer. Then I used the Mermaid's Tears and plaid pattern from plate M60 to complete the look. (Looks better enlarged, so feel free to click it!)

I'm not really sure what I think of it. I'm kind of tempted to take it off already. It's not bad, just not "me" maybe? What do you think?

I also did my toes with Zoya Reva. I really like it a lot. It's a great sparkly summer color. Plus I just adore red on toes!


Holden saw the girls nails

Holden saw the girls nails this morning and kept saying "oh mickey!" "i want a mickey too."