New Years Resolutions

1. Be less anxious.
2. Branch out with driving. Specifically, get comfortable on the highway or atleast the feeder.
3. Watch less junk TV.
4. Take more pictures-- the kids grow so fast!
5. Continue the 50 books in a year challenge. (September-September)
6. Keep blogging!

December 31st

Babysat. No special plans. New Year.

December 25th - December 30th

Visit to dad's. Christmas, bowling, movies.


December 24th

I feel marginally better. Christmas miracle?


December 23rd

Missed out on cookie baking fun. :(

December 22nd

Doctor sez just an unshakeable cold.


December 21st

I must be better by Christmas!

December 20th

Never want to be sick again.

I'm in misery.


(More than) Six Word Review

Funny People
(It must have been) impossible to combine humor and plot.

Also, this movie was wayyyy too long.

December 19th

Done Christmas shopping. Its sneaking up!

December 18th

Read Jarrett's blog start to finish.


December 17th

Three year olds love smashing ornaments.

December 16th

Still feeling sick. Lack of motivation.


December 15th

Felt crummy all day. Did nothing.


December 14th

Girl Scouts- messy gingerbread house project.


It's true...

Kids *do* say the darndest things!

Today, I found it impossible to get a picture of Brayden's face in all the fun chaos at the party. I mentioned this to my sister, who stopped Brayden in the middle of his present opening, and tried to get him to look up so I could take a picture. So we were both standing there going, "Brayden! Brayden... look! Smile!" and such when he stops and looks at me and says "I just have to open this right now... Okay??" So sassy!

Here's some more pictures from the party.

Brayden, the Birthday Boy getting into the loot. He loved everything he got, especially his new Spiderman big kid bike!

Piper enjoying her cotton candy. She was very helpful in keeping the little ones safe and entertained.

Scarlette likes it too! She's a sugar-fiend.

Holden made sure that none of the pizza was untouched.

Here's the rarely seen Alex. He *loved* the bounce house once he worked up the courage to go in!

And here's my muffin, Pebbles Nicholette. Still smiling despite the cold weather!

December 13th

Brayden's fourth birthday party. Such fun!


December 12th

Had a good time babysitting tonight!


December 11th

Killer sale at JoAnn Fabrics! Score!


December 10th

Piper's percussion performance. Yummy milkshakes afterwards.


Six Word Review x 2

The 19th Wife by David Ebershoff
Page turner. Modern and Historical polygamy.

The Blind Side
Story of selfless love and football.

December 9th

Dinner and a movie with family.


December 7th

I'm no good at ice skating.


December 6th

Paper mache ornaments. Glue in hair.

December 5th

Lazy Saturday. Watched TV and knitted.


Happy Anniversary

One month of continuous blogging. Yay!

December 4th

Finally feeling on track for Christmas.


December 3rd

Lunch with Casper. Started knitting shawl.


December 2nd

Decorated tree with help from Scarlette.

December 1st

Need to shop. 24 days left!

Florida Pictures

My brother, mom, & I at the Boca Raton Club.

Me feeding the peacock.

My mom & I on the fan boat.

An alligator checking us out.

This is a three year old alligator. Isn't he cute?

This is my dream Christmas tree. Lol.

Plus imagine lots of just laying around in the sun and splashing in the ocean that wasn't quite post worthy.