Liberty Red!

Firstly, I broke a few nails, so I cut them even. Sorry they're so short.

So today I'm sporting my Osama's Dead: Wear Red nails! This is Pure Ice "Creme Siren." I have had this polish in my stash for a long, long time (like years and years) and it still applies like a dream. I love this because it's my only true fire-engine red!

And, I've gotten a little flack for trying to get people involved in this. I'm not trying to make a "political statement." What I'm doing is using moments in history to inspire my nail color/ design choices, akin to wearing Red, White, and Blue on the Fourth of July or green on St. Patrick's Day or what-have-you. I'm choosing not to dwell on it- just stating my reasons for this and saying a big thanks to those who want to participate!

Don't forget to post a link to your red mani in the comments!

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TrixDemon said...

You for flak for it? That's crazyness! The only reason I didn't join in was because for some reason, I couldn't find my red polish :S
Yours look great. I had to cut my nails down after a break recently.. sad times.