R&S swatches + pedi

Okay everybody, settle in because this is going to be a long one. Maybe grab a snack before you start scrolling. ;)

Sinful Colors: Hottie, Pinky Glitter, Nail Junkie. These are seriously drool worthy.

Sinful Colors: Let Me Go, Unicorn, Innocent. Sorry for the mess. Everything people say about yellows being hard to paint is true.

Color Club "Alter Ego": Total Mystery, Secret Agent, Alter Ego. I wasn't that into Alter Ego in the bottle, but when I put it on I fell in love. My mom asked for it for her next mani, and it's way out of her comfort zone- so yay! Secret Agent is a true purple, but it photographed very blue. Sorry.

Color Club "Alter Ego": Masquerading, Ulterior Motive, Alias. My prediction was correct, I LOVE Ulterior Motive.

Color Club "Wicked Sweet": Yum Gum, I Always Get My Man-darin, The Lime Starts Here, Get Your Lem-on. I don't have any neon polish, so these are a lot of fun! Of these, the lime flavor smells the best.

Color Club "Wicked Sweet": Wicked Sweet, Gimme A Grape Big Kiss, Raspberry Rush. The Wicked Sweet scent was hard to place, but I think it's sort of a sugary cupcake smell. Delicious. I love the color of Raspberry Rush!

-In case your curious, I preferred the scents of the Color Club polish to the Laffy Taffy below-

Laffy Taffy scents: Grape, Watermelon, Strawberry. These colors are very candy colored and pretty. The watermelon scent was pretty gross though, I don't think watermelon truly has a scent in real life, but if it does, this was not it. Haha.

Laffy Taffy scents: Blue Raspberry, Cherry, Banana. Sorry about the streakyness, I didn't let the blue dry all the way before taking the picture. I was kind of sick of smelling myself by that point. :)

And here's my pedi. I wasn't ready to say goodbye to Turquoise & Caicos yet, so I just added the Sinful Colors Pinky Glitter on top and Wow-EE! It's soooo sparkly, I love it!

 I'm posting this close up as well. I slapped this on quickly, and as you can see there is glitter in every square millimeter of this polish! I love that. Maximum punch with minimal effort!

Hope you enjoyed! I sure did! If I haven't said it enough times- Thanks Amber! I hope one day to be able to pass on the awesomeness and have a big giveaway of my own. :)


Amber from Rainbows&Sparkles said...

Holy swatch-a-thon! This is awesome! Isn't pink glitter awesome?? I love it!

For that yellow, try doing a coat of white first.... that helped pippa soooo much!

Sorry the watermelon was a fail.... at least the color is pretty!!

Lindsay H. said...

I'm sort of obsessed with the pink glitter now. It's so hard to resist using it every time.

A white base is a good idea. Thanks for the tip.

I think one fail out of that many polishes is great odds! My niece's won't mind what it smells like, so I'm sure it will still get some use!