I'm back!

Six things that have changed since I last blogged:
1) I got a super fun job that I really love.
2) I'm now obsessed with nail polish.
3) I can sew purses.
4) I can knit various stuffed animals.
5) I am closer with my family.
6) I feel more positive and less stressed.

Six things that are still the same:
1) I still have just 9 nieces and nephews.
2) I still love to read.
3) I still collect Barbie artwork.
4) I still help with my niece's Girl Scout troop.
5) I still quilt (even though knitting has taken over for awhile.)
6) I'm still a Disney fanatic.

I think I'll be making changes to this blog. I'm thinking it will be more about fun with nail polish, and about the various projects I do. I have no idea if I'll still keep the "six" theme, we'll just see how it goes. I'd like to keep it up, because I don't know what else to name the blog!

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