Revlon Lasting Finish Pro- Steel Grey

This polish was sent to me by a friend, and I really love it. I'd been really wanting to try grey, but I am very warm toned and wondered how it would look on me. Let me just say- this one is PERFECT! It's not to dark, it's not metallic, and has a warm brown undertone. I have to give a best brush award to Revlon on this polish. It's nice and wide and flat, which makes painting with my left hand a lot easier, it's easier for me to control, and I can cover my nail with less strokes, which is the secret to good lookin' nails!

I decided to go with grey today, because on Sunday I will be swimming with Beluga whales! Adult belugas are white, but the babies are born grey. I think this will be a good test of just how "lasting" this polish is. It claims to last 10 days. I'll take another picture after my beluga interaction, and see just how well it held up! (I'M SO EXCITED! AHHH!)

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