Polish Storage

Before I really got into collecting polish and doing my nails daily, I kept my nail polish in a shoebox. Obviously, I've outgrown that very quickly! This weekend I picked up a Snapware 2-Tiered box for $12.99 at Target. Works great!

What do you use for storage?


TrixDemon said...

At the moment, my polish is crammed into a decorative box that a a collection of Christmas treats were in. My collection is vast growing and it's not going to last for long! I'm on the hunt for a box similar to this in the UK!
Your post has inspired me and I'm going to photograph my storage tonight :D

TrixDemon said...

And here we are! http://nailsandnonsense.blogspot.com/2011/04/my-polish-box.html

I mentioned it was your post that inspired me and linked back. :)

Lindsay H. said...

Thanks! I'm following your blog now. :)