Tricky Tape Manis

I think I'm the only dummy on earth who can't get this right. I've tried several times to do a very simple two-tone diagonal stripe scotch tape mani.

I've heard (Thanks to Amber on Rainbows&Sparkles) that the trick is using Seche Vite topcoat. I've avoided this because I've heard it can be tricky to use with Zoya polish, which is my favorite, but I picked up a bottle today anyway just for tape manis.

Confident that it would work, I planned something gorgeous, and got to work. But no- another massive failure. When I peel the tape off, a good chunk of the accent polish (not the base, the Seche Vite fixed that) comes off with it.

I did 2 base coats, with a long dry time, and Seche Vite. Then, taped my fingers, put on my accent color, Seche Vite, and dried it for a minute or two.

Am I not waiting long enough to peel the tape off? Could I be putting too much accent coat? Do you do a thick layer or thin? Could my tape just be old? I'm clueless people.

Help? Advice? Tricks? Comments?

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Amber Michelle said...

Just a suggestion, stick the tape to your palm a couple of times before you put the tape on your nail so it doesn't pull off your base color and peel the tape off immediate after you paint your nail :) hope that helps! Good luck!