Getting to know me

What do I do besides obsess about nail polish, you ask?

Firstly, I am an aunt- you can see all my nieces and nephews over there in the side bar.

I'm a nanny for a really awesome little boy who really likes building with blocks, blowing bubbles, and pretending to be a kangaroo.

I'm a Girl Scout leader for a troop of 5th grade Juniors. I'm known as Miss Purl because...

I love to knit!
knitted creatures

I also am a quilter.
pink and red quilt

Creative projects are just my thing. I sew and scrapbook.
taggie blanket

I'm also learning how to smock.
my first smocked dress modeled by Bella

I think the only creative thing I don't like doing is cooking! Oh, and I can't crochet my way out of a paper bag! 

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