Back to Regular Life

I'm back from Disney. We had a great time. I'm so exhausted though. Anyway, while I was in Disney, I picked up a bottle of Mermaid's Tears from OPI's POTC line. I'd been wanting it very badly, and I was so glad it was so easy to pick up there, since it had been sold out locally before I left. Only a true nail polish fan would go to Orlando just to get a Disney polish right? :)

For my first mani back home, I chose Essie Sew Psyched. This is a polish I've wanted for a long time, but kept putting it down for one reason or another. Most people aren't a fan of this color in the bottle, but I did get some compliments on it while I was wearing it. I love it anyway regardless of what people think.

Then, when it got a few days old, I decided to Konad over it. I wanted a tone on tone type thing, so Mermaid's Tears ended up being perfect. Before I stamped, I put a layer of Orly Love Each Other, which is an opalescent shimmer. Then I used the Mermaid's Tears and plaid pattern from plate M60 to complete the look. (Looks better enlarged, so feel free to click it!)

I'm not really sure what I think of it. I'm kind of tempted to take it off already. It's not bad, just not "me" maybe? What do you think?

I also did my toes with Zoya Reva. I really like it a lot. It's a great sparkly summer color. Plus I just adore red on toes!

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