More love for BL

Are y'all sick of Butter London's yet? I went to Ulta yesterday and picked up Marrow, which is a dark purple color. I was really looking for the OPI Miss Universe collection, but I didn't see any hint of it. Not even an empty display. Also, in the Ulta flyer, I was aware they were having a special... BL's "No More Waity, Katie" (named in honor of the Royal Wedding) and a small thing of their nail polish remover for $15. Great deal considering the polish alone is $14. I dilly-dallied after getting the flyer, so when I made it to the store a week later and didn't see anything special by the BL display, I figured they were sold out. So I took Marrow to the cash register, paid, was walking the rest of the way down the counter towards the door, and I SAW IT! So I grabbed it, ran back, and had the girl ring that up for me too. ;)

So I did my mani with W8ty K8ty. It's a gorgeous dusty purple-ish blue, with lavender glitter in it. I did 3 coats. You could probably get away with 2 though.

And here is my pedi with Marrow!


♥ Claire ♥ said...


Persnickety Polish said...

I have Marrow and love it! NMWK is on my wishlist :-)

Kellyta said...

I gave you an award =)

Kellyta said...

The giveaway has arrived this morning!
I love all the polishes & the bag is awesome. You are very talented =D

Lindsay H. said...

Great Raquel! That's a big worry off of my mind! Glad it made it there safely! Enjoy!