Christmas Pictures!

The picture that will forever grace my sidebar. Me and ALL the kids! Its a miracle!
From the left, my sister Meagan is holding her son Alex, then above them is Piper, holding Kasyn, Holden, Scarlette, Kynslee, me holding Pebbles, Brayden on the floor, and Konner up on the couch.

This is my immediate family. Stepsisters and their kids, my brother and I with our parents. Also a miraculous picture.
Back row: Casper, Me, Dylan, Meagan, and Alex. Middle row: Brayden, my mom, my stepdad Chris holding Pebbles, Konner, Kynslee, Ashlee holding Kasyn. Front row: Jaton, Holden, Piper, and Scarlette.

Piper with her AG Felicity (last year's gift) and her pony Penny (from Santa this year). We got her a dress she really wanted for Felicity (not shown here). Piper said "I feel like I'm in a dream world. I can't believe I got Penny AND Felicity's holiday dress!" It was so sweet. She's always very appreciative.

Here's Kynslee and Scarlette. I honestly did not see these two all day. They were off playing together and I never heard a single fight. Aren't they looking so grown up?

Here's Konner playing the Wii. He had a blast with all kinds of video games while he visited. We set up the old N64 for him, and we could hardly pull him away. He kept asking for "One more game, just one more." Even when I creamed him in Mario Kart, if he made it to the finish line he'd say "Look! I won!" Guess he's not a sore loser. :)

Here's Brayden posing in the front window. He was a perfect fit! This boy just wanted to bounce on the trampoline all day. So glad I got a good smile out of him before he was too exhausted.

Here's Alex. Isn't that such a good smile? I have no idea how I captured it, because he was all over the place. He just loves to play with anyone or anything. He had quite a blast with our Mickey Mouse coasters. Who knew you could use them for more than just a drink holder?

Holden recently starting walking, so most of my pictures of him are just a blur. This is all I got, so you'll have to excuse the snot. (I'm a poet and don't even know it!) I got to help Holden with his presents this year. It was a blast. He did get a little too excited about his David and Goliath board book, and accidentally hit me in the eye with it during his celebration.

My muffin Pebbles is so much fun! Everyone wanted a turn holding her, so she got passed around a lot. She didn't mind. She's very easy-going. Its a wonder that she had enough floor time to show off her newest skill.....

I didn't get any pictures of Kasyn, sadly. Poor thing had an allergic reaction to something and was definately not himself. He slept most of the day. He's not talking too much, but is really good at saying "NO!" even when he means 'yes'. He is still a snuggle bug!
It was so much fun to have everybody together! It was a great Christmas this year, much more focus on being together as a family than on gifts. I really enjoyed it. :)

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