It's true...

Kids *do* say the darndest things!

Today, I found it impossible to get a picture of Brayden's face in all the fun chaos at the party. I mentioned this to my sister, who stopped Brayden in the middle of his present opening, and tried to get him to look up so I could take a picture. So we were both standing there going, "Brayden! Brayden... look! Smile!" and such when he stops and looks at me and says "I just have to open this right now... Okay??" So sassy!

Here's some more pictures from the party.

Brayden, the Birthday Boy getting into the loot. He loved everything he got, especially his new Spiderman big kid bike!

Piper enjoying her cotton candy. She was very helpful in keeping the little ones safe and entertained.

Scarlette likes it too! She's a sugar-fiend.

Holden made sure that none of the pizza was untouched.

Here's the rarely seen Alex. He *loved* the bounce house once he worked up the courage to go in!

And here's my muffin, Pebbles Nicholette. Still smiling despite the cold weather!

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